Flourish Fulfilment Future


I create space for you to flourish and find fulfilment by honouring and celebrating the past in your future.


Do you feel isolated, overwhelmed, and angry? Do you have feelings of negativity, exhaustion and worry? Has your significant other died leaving you with sole responsibility for your children?

Did you murmur or shout yes, yes, yes to any of the above? I can help you discover yourself and become the greatest version of you.

The barrage of emotions which you are experiencing are all perfectly natural feelings associated with grief and feelings I have personally experienced following the death of my husband.

I fully believe that coaching can be a fantastic help to you in these circumstances as I have been on my own coaching journey. Coaching has enabled me to move forward whilst honouring my past and to embrace a different life and way of thinking.

Parenting is one of the toughest jobs going, now add to that the death of the significant other in your life. Parenting in the midst of grief for your spouse is not where anyone expects their life to take them. Dealing with, or at least living with our own grief and trying to help our children understand what has happened. It is a truly awful place to be in. 

I see coaching as an investment in myself and my family as I am now the lone parent, the one my daughters come to for everything I need to be the greatest version of myself to enable them to be the same. As our world has been shaken to the core, me not functioning and being a rock for my girls is not an option.      


I’m Karen

I work with people to become the greatest version of themselves and find fulfilment and flourish in their plan B. I provide a safe, confidential space to put yourself first and focus on your needs rather than the needs of others, as well as providing understanding, empathy and accountability.


Do something today your future self will be grateful for

Dare I say I have feelings of self-worth and achievement. I now realise I can focused on the job in hand and have discovered it is something I can do and to appreciate its doing so
— Alan