How To Be Confident


This is an amazing tool which can be used to change your mindset, become more confident and focus on the things you wish to achieve. Follow the simple steps below to start making positive changes to your emotional state.

The emotional triad as introduced by Tony Robbins involves conditioning 3 areas of yourself to improve the state of your emotions. You can change your state of mind in a second....


# 1: Physiology

 Think of your stance in a situation where you were confident or how a confident person would be. Standing tall, head held high, shoulders back, arms relaxed, breathing deep. This will be unique to you and may change in different situations. Now note down on your triangle your confident stance.

 #2: Focus and beliefs 

What do you believe about yourself and what do you routinely focus on? Are these positive or negative? What does your internal chatter say to you? Think of what you want to achieve, desire or become not the things holding you back, as what you focus on you feel. Write down your positive focus and beliefs on your triangle.

 #3: Language

 The language we use can empower us. If you say to yourself “I can’t” or “I am not enough” then this will condition your emotions and put you in a negative mindset. Talk to yourself as if you were talking to someone you love and respect. Write your empowering language on to your triangle.

 Now give this super charged persona an inspirational name and practice, practice, practice. Mine is Awesome Aggie and she rocks!

 Put your triad in a prominent position and look at it daily.

 I would love to work through this with you! Get in touch with me at to arrange it and invest in yourself.